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Blog by Mannu Rawat

→Baggage Burden

During the course of my engagement with Chardham helicopter tours, the most noticeable inconvenience the guests faced was the strict restriction on baggage weight, which is restricted to 5 kgs for safe flying. The allowed weight is in fact practically insufficient to accommodate the required clothing for 4 nights & 5 days of yatra since each pilgrim longed to offer their prayers in fresh clothing at each temple and carrying every desired stuff becomes a distant dream. We even come across one such scenario, where a male member of a family had to travel the entire sector without any personal clothing in order to accommodate the luggage of his elderly family members. see more...

→Courtesy Covid

We take pride in operating Chardham Helicopter services amid relaxed covid scenarios and adhering to the guidelines issued by Governments pertaining to the covid protocol, which proved to be a catalyst in placing ourselves within the bracket of front-line soldiers. see more...

→Different Faith

I, have been witness to many different helicopters pilgrimage tours in Uttarakhand, mainly Chardham yatra but one request from an NRI client for a completely different tour cropped up an eagerness within me to know the very reasons behind such peculiar itinerary since he categorically chose to visit only Devprayag- Joshimath - Badrinath - Mata Murti temple, Mana Village. see more...

→Helicopter yatra blues

The above quote by Oscar Wilde often pops up in our mind when people undertake a Chardham pilgrimage tour with a top-notch operator offering great services to undertake a smooth & hurdle free sailing but ta pall of disappointment hangs over their postures at the end of the journey due to unavoidable Forced Majeure reasons. see more...


This write is dedicated to the pilgrims playing with thoughts of undertaking Chardham yatra by helicopter in the future or who are presently in the planning phase. see more...