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During the course of my engagement with Chardham helicopter tours, the most noticeable inconvenience the guests faced was the strict restriction on baggage weight, which is restricted to 5 kgs for safe flying. The allowed weight is in fact practically insufficient to accommodate the required clothing for 4 nights & 5 days of yatra since each pilgrim longed to offer their prayers in fresh clothing at each temple and carrying every desired stuff becomes a distant dream. We even come across one such scenario, where a male member of a family had to travel the entire sector without any personal clothing in order to accommodate the luggage of his elderly family members.

We have always been playing a thought to work out some feasible solution to overcome this dilemma and one fine day we came up with an idea, where the guests shall be carrying clothing required only for Yamunotri & Gangotri from Dehradun and get rest delivered to them at Sersi to cater for Kedarnath and Badrinath.

To our amazing surprise, this arrangement worked perfectly last season and it also paved way for pilgrims to carry holy water of Yamuna and Ganga in sufficient quantity since it was brought back to Dehradun along with their used clothing. It solved the baggage burden issue up to an extent and worked perfectly to their convenience.

Another discomfort faced by guests during the tour was their uncomfortable journey to Gangotri from Harsil in an Innova, particularly when filled to its capacity. To overcome this problem, we have planned to deploy a tempo traveler which would not only make their journey comfortable but would also fetch us with an opportunity to send our executive along with the guests as a tour guide.

To enhance the quality of helicopter pilgrimage further, most of the operators have recently included the aerial darshan of Hemkund Saheb during the Chardham heli tour for May- June’22.

We are longing to come up with new additions to further enhance the services and finally fetch an overall amazing experience to each pilgrim in days to follow.

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